Powerful Tony Robbins Quotes That Can Increase Your Sales

Every time I talk about Tony Robbins, I feel intense emotions. Tony taught me a lot and made a difference in my private and professional life. Tony Robbins is an international author, an entrepreneur and an undisputed authority in personal growth, and has been an inspiration for athletes like Serena Williams and famous entrepreneurs like the father of Salesforce.com, Marc Benioff.

Below I will list 4 powerful quotes from Tony that if applied to our profession can have a huge impact on your success:

Quote No.1:

“There is no such thing as failure. There are only results. “Tony Robbins

Our profession is full of unexpected and variable situations that can sometimes create stress or make you lose focus.

If you start from the belief that failure does not exist, and use any situation as a feedback to improve your approach, then you will gain more focus and mental flexibility and you will approach situations in a more positive and effective way.

For example, if you’ve just lost a big account, instead of losing motivation, ask yourself what can you learn from this situation and what you can do differently the next time you’re in a similar situation.

Quote No.2

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want.” Tony Robbins

If you want to improve your performances there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

If you can’t achieve your goals or if you want to obtain a new level of success in your profession, find someone who has already ‘got the results you want to get and study, observe his / her strategies, realize what kind of mentality he/she has towards his / her profession and learn from this person and you will find yourself obtaining similar results.

I have applied this strategy for years, it requires a bit of open-mindedness, it requires opening up to patterns of thought that are often totally different from yours, but it can create enormous improvements in your life.

Quote No.3

“Your past does not equal your future.” Tony Robbins

This quote has literally changed my life.

So many times we start from the idea that since we have acted in a certain way in the past, or obtained some results or behaved in a certain way, then this is what we are and there is nothing more false.

If you did not reach your goal this month, this does not say anything about your potential to be a successful sales professional, last month is over, it doesn’t exist anymore, this month you have the opportunity to change everything, to use new strategies, to gain new knowledge and to realize your potential, learn from past feedbacks and focus on your goals, use role-models and your profession will evolve rapidly.

Quote No.4

“There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson.” Tony Robbins

Whatever you do, from cold-calling a prospect to a business meeting requires passion, requires being obsessed with your profession.

I remember a conversation with a friend of mine, a successful insurance saleswoman, who admitted having often dreamed about her conversations with her clients often waking up in the morning to the thought of her appointments,